Going For A Thorough Cleanup Of The House

clothesHouse cleaning should be done at least once a year according to health and safety experts. And although we do clean most parts of the house, it is in the areas that we tend to ignore or disregard as not needing cleaning that are the more dangerous. If an annual cleanup of the house is not done, then pests and rodents will be populating and other issues like health of the vulnerable people in your house will be in peril.

Section off the house

When you are thinking of how to start the cleaning the easiest way is to section the house into doable scenarios of cleaning. You can have the kitchen and the pantry, then the bedrooms in each floor, dining room and the hallway, basement, bathrooms and then the attic. Then when you are cleaning, try to finish off one section in one day. This will make it easier for you to track your progress and also spend less energy. If you have your kids helping you out then you can give off the easiest section for them to clean.

Get the clothes done

If you are planning on sending off the curtains and other large clothing off to theĀ dry cleaner South Yarra then take care of it first. This way you will not have to stop in the middle of cleaning to take them off. It will also give you enough time to finish off the cleaning while the cleaned clothes get delivered to you and you can finish off the room. Take this time to get the clothes that have wine stains and such dropped off at the dry cleaners as well. If you have bed sheets and tablecloths that you cannot wash in your washing machine then better add those to the items to be dropped off as well. Make sure to cover all your bases when the opportunity presents itself.

Get everything ready

Before you start on the cleaning process check your cleaning supplies and equipment. If there are shortages of anything then do a run to the supermarket and grab the cleaning supplies and new equipment as well. Have a surplus of items like Kleenex or Clorox wipes which you can use for everyday life as well. Take this chance to grab some snacks for you to eat when you are cleaning. You will need to keep yourself energized as cleaning takes a toll on the body. The best way to get your kids to help out is to give them simple tasks. Ask them to do vacuuming, cleaning the windows and the carpets, or just wiping down the surfaces in the rooms you have cleaned.