How Can Stress Affect A Company’s Performance

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Think of a day when you had to sit for an examination when you were sick or going for an interview when there’s someone in your family who’s in deep trouble or even if you are going through a difficult period and you have to do a very important presentation, sometimes you might still be able to hustle through it depending on the level of seriousness in the situation or the kind of emotional stability that you hold to handle this kind of a problem. However the common case would be most people will feel a bit low or may not hit the best of their performance when they are going through something that is hindering their fullest commitment and effort over something. They say that a little bit of stress is healthy for that is a sign of someone’s commitment to achieve better.

They say that one can claim to be completely stress free and confident while another person can be confident but a little averagely stressed and that kind of people seem to achieve better than the ones who feel very much less impacted of the outcome. However, anything beyond that average line is definitely not acceptable and this is why most companies do training stress management workplace. They always want to make sure that they have a staff who can handle varying stress levels without making it a problem in their performance.How can stress really affect a company?

The management of a company knows how badly it can affect the overall company and its performance as they have usually done a good workplace stress management course or two. When employees cannot full invest their brain and their thought process into something that they are working on, there is high probability that they might make mistakes resulting in defects. This can ultimately cause to wastage of resources or increasing the number of re-work in the staff. If you look at a manufacturing company that operates in an assembly line, if one person makes a mistake it can affect continuously for the performance of the other employees as well. Although one person can be stressed or made an error but that one thing could create unnecessary issues in the next in line as well.

This is not only about the work performance but also the kind of attitude they give out to the people who are not a part of the company. When there is a positive set of employees, it’s always a good vibe and a good environment to work in but usually when someone is stressed, they emit negativity. These are some of the ways that stress can affect a company and its performance.

How To Make An Ordinary Present Extraordinary

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There are many different categories of presents and you can purchase pretty much anything in stores these days. The reason that everything has been commercialized and become so convenient has also removed the human element from them to a great extent. There are presents that have little to no personal effect to them which have become very popular choices of mementos today. Here is how you can change a typical ordinary present into something really extraordinary.

Give it thought and importance

What is the token of appreciation that you had in mind? A perfect coffee mug gift perhaps because that is the easiest present to get ever? Well, it’s actually not a bad idea for a token. But remember, that when you give something to somebody you do so because you care about that person and you appreciate their presence in your life. Therefore put some thought into it. Maybe you can print something of the both of you on it or you can fill it up with lovely goodies that the receiver will appreciate or you can attach a handmade card to it. Either way, add some thought and importance to your present.

Combine technology with love

You can give something technological like umbrella gifts to somebody who you know loves these gadgets. But still, you are just giving them a store present straight off the shelf. Where is the personal touch that will make it extraordinary? Besides how much special can you make a pen drive right? Wrong. Why not download and fill the drive with their favourite songs or movies or even better yet, why not have a clip of the both of you having fun saved in it so that when they open it they receive a pleasant surprise. It’s not about what you spend it’s about how you think.

 Make it DIY

As much as possibly opt for DIY presents. If the person is into eco-friendly stuff make sure that the card you make uses recycled paper. If they like wood, make them a small and easy to make handmade table so decorate their room with. If they like sweets, bake them your best batch of brownies or cookies. The more you do it from scratch the bigger the value that it will have in the eyes of the receiver because they can see how much time and energy you put into it. There is only one recipe to make an extraordinary present out of something ordinary; a generous serving of love garnished with enough appreciation. Make sure you think about originality and affection when you pick your next present.

Love What You Do

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It is important for you to love what you do. When you love what you do you will be much happier and you will enjoy life more. When people love what they do they are more energetic, positive and they are always excited about their opportunities. Some people think that it is a luxury for you to do something that you love however people who think like this should change their mind set and start thinking that it is a necessity for you to do the things that you love. People who do the things that they love will be less stressed out and healthier as well.

You will care about your job

When you love your job you will care more about it. This is because you will actually care about the outcome of your tasks and you will be emotionally invested in your job. You will put in the extra time and effort that is needed to make sure that you do your job properly without any mistakes. You will care about all the different aspects of your job. You will put in the time to get things like embossed business cards London. These cards are unique and meaningful and are easily set apart from cheaper ones. You will care about things like custom stickers London as well. You will see the importance of this and you will know that it has the capabilities of luring customers to your company.

Your life will have meaning

When you do the things that you love your life will have meaning. This is because you will be fulfilling your personal needs. A Job is not only about the money you make and the benefits that you get it is also about personal growth and fulfilment. When you do something that you love you will become a stronger and better person. This is because you will learn more things. A lot of people find it hard to fulfil their need so once you have the chance of doing this don’t take it for granted because this is a very important thing that you need to do if you want to live a happy life.

There will be stability in your life

When you love what you do you will be able to find stability in your life. This is because you will have a job that you love so you will not have to keep looking for one. This can take a lot of pressure off of you because a lot of people find it hard to get a stable job that they love.

Going For A Thorough Cleanup Of The House

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clothesHouse cleaning should be done at least once a year according to health and safety experts. And although we do clean most parts of the house, it is in the areas that we tend to ignore or disregard as not needing cleaning that are the more dangerous. If an annual cleanup of the house is not done, then pests and rodents will be populating and other issues like health of the vulnerable people in your house will be in peril.

Section off the house

When you are thinking of how to start the cleaning the easiest way is to section the house into doable scenarios of cleaning. You can have the kitchen and the pantry, then the bedrooms in each floor, dining room and the hallway, basement, bathrooms and then the attic. Then when you are cleaning, try to finish off one section in one day. This will make it easier for you to track your progress and also spend less energy. If you have your kids helping you out then you can give off the easiest section for them to clean.

Get the clothes done

If you are planning on sending off the curtains and other large clothing off to the dry cleaner South Yarra then take care of it first. This way you will not have to stop in the middle of cleaning to take them off. It will also give you enough time to finish off the cleaning while the cleaned clothes get delivered to you and you can finish off the room. Take this time to get the clothes that have wine stains and such dropped off at the dry cleaners as well. If you have bed sheets and tablecloths that you cannot wash in your washing machine then better add those to the items to be dropped off as well. Make sure to cover all your bases when the opportunity presents itself.

Get everything ready

Before you start on the cleaning process check your cleaning supplies and equipment. If there are shortages of anything then do a run to the supermarket and grab the cleaning supplies and new equipment as well. Have a surplus of items like Kleenex or Clorox wipes which you can use for everyday life as well. Take this chance to grab some snacks for you to eat when you are cleaning. You will need to keep yourself energized as cleaning takes a toll on the body. The best way to get your kids to help out is to give them simple tasks. Ask them to do vacuuming, cleaning the windows and the carpets, or just wiping down the surfaces in the rooms you have cleaned.

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